WoT Season 2. Recommended Tanks for Clan Wars

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WoT Season 2. Recommended Tanks for Clan Wars

It is time when all tanks have legal reason to hate and curse War Gaming developers. They are trying to involve more people in clan wars, so people who don’t own many tier 10 for regular wars would get a chance to taste clan warfare and get money for it.
The good thing in all this is that your clan makes a lot of money during the event, so the gold you spend to retrain or dismount equipment you are likely to make gold back when you win landings and hold on territory. It’s worth it!
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Recommended Tanks

Here it a short list of tanks that is recommended to people in during such clan war event. This list may be updated when we get bored and notice something new. For example there is nothing about artillery but m53. Give it time or yell until the post is complete, hehe.

Tier 6 Tanks

KV1S, Hellcat, KV36.01H,
Secondary choice

Tier 8 Tanks

IS3, AMX50 100, 110, T69, AMX13-90

Recommended crew

It is funny but I noticed that brand new crewman with only 75% training happens to be more efficient than a well trained crew you move from another tank. Still that is what you should do for the event:
1. If you have spare gold to retrain your Tank Commander twice, do it. Having commander with 6th sense and full view range is crucial.
1.1 If you don’t have spare gold use Improved Ventilation, Consumables and┬áBinocular Telescope
wot Improved Ventilationwot-Consumables-Russ-Food-Iconwot Stereo scope
It would give your crew +5%, +10% and +25% to view range to compensate for -25% penalty to your crew.
2.1 IF you move a crew to new tank without a training make sure it is same class (heavy to heavy, TD to TD)
2.2 If you need a crewman, train one to 75%. Fully trained SPG gunner will have 50% penalty in a light tank. When you are dome throw him into barracks.

Recommended Equipment

You should buy those cheap low tier tanks and equip them, even though you would play them for few days. It cost 10 gold to dismount a piece of equipment and you should do it.
wot Improved Ventilationwot Rammerwot Enhanced Aim Driveswot Camouflagewot Stereo scope

1. Improved Ventilation +5% to crew
2. Gun Rammer +10% Loading
3.1 Enhanced Gun Laying Drive +10% Aim-Time or
3.2 Camouflage Net +25% or
3.3 Binocular Telescope +25% view range – Optional.

Recommended Consumables

In lower tiers fire extinguisher is not necessary. If your tank is on fire, you are doing it wrong.

wot gold med kitwot small repair kitwot gold large repair kit

1. Gold Large Aid Kit, +15% resistance to critical hits to crew
2. Small Repair Kit
3. Gold Large Repair Kit +10% field repair time

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