Star Citizen beta review

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Star Citizen beta review

Awesome graphics MMO in development, you probably never hear of it, but you should have. It will be something like Eve Online and War Thunder on steroids. A Space ship simulator Free-to-Play with some cool features. It will be game for gamers where strategy, tactics and skill shots would matter more than tier, size of your gun and how long you can hold left click on your mouse. I am expecting the game to become available pretty soon, and I will wait for Oculus Rift version 2, for B. day or Xmas, to make this most gravy and bananas experience ever.

The campaign has been active since September 1, 2012. The current total of $18 million was raised from almost a quarter of a million backers. The average pledge? Right around $73.

reported on September 6th 2013.


  • world and market run by players
  • skill shots oriented
  • tactical positioning
  • every ship has weak points
  • real time strategy
  • open for mods
  • open world
  • ultra-high graphics
  • Oculus Rift ready
  • High customization of every units
  • no subscription frees

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