Russian Standard Clan

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RUSS – Russian Standard Clan

We are World of Tanks North American server Russian speaking clan. Russ is a fast growing clan and at this moment we have about 450 people in 5 clans. We are one big happy family with a lot of freedom hanging out on a single teamspeak server. We are here to have fun and do something we love, being top is not our goal. We distribute all gold to our community, nobody receives special treatment.
RUSS russian standardRUSS РRussian Standard. Russian speaking, clan wars  2-3 Teams.
GROZA GROZA – Second front. Russian speaking clan wars banker 1-2 Teams.
268268 – English Speaking North American clan. Clan wars fragger 1-2 Teams.
ataka ATAKA – Most casual gamers.
molotMOLOT – Russian from Russia.

WoT RUSS Recruitment

1. Must speak Russian
2. Don’t be an asshole
3. Must use Teamspeak.
5. If you clan jump much, you might
6. Don’t trash talk on behalf of RUSS Clan.

Just join our teamspeak server:, at least a dozen people who can help you become familiar with what we do and how we do things.

RUSS Recruitment

1. Don’t be an asshole
2. Tier 10 “absolute” Tanks for clan wars. Short list: Batchat, Obj 140, T62a, T110e3, Foch 155, t57, AMX 50b, WT auf e 100, Obj 261, M35/M55, (t110e4, t110e5, is-7, 121).
3. Try to be available on teamspeak and in game 15 minutes prior to clan wars (by 18:15) and check for exact time.
4. No talking during clan wars, if you have to say something make it short.

RUSS Allies

Trusted allies. These are clans with good management and decent people. In past 3 years

[FORGE] Forge

RUSS Friendly Clans

There are about 50 clans we have friendly relations with, sometimes it makes difficult to push through global map without stepping on friendly clans.
[CHAI] Cheng Guan

Russian Neutral

Friendly clans that hang with us on teamspeak, nothing personal only business.

[CRABS] – Spidy Crabs
[WARMG] Warmongers


RUSS Intel about backstabbing clans

Let me make it clear. Those clans have backstabbing Commanders. Bad management is no reason to dislike clan members. A man may like or dislike someone only on individual bases.
[RUS] Hardware_RUS
[RS] Red Sky
[RELIC] Relic Armoured
[OTTER] Ottercratic Teutonic Theocrats of the Eternal Reich – “OTTER: Don’t attack us we will not attack you, we want to stay on the map? RUSS: Alright”. When all those frozen tanks became unlocked they attacked with us with other clans.
[_W_W_] $Wallet Warriors$


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