Heroes of the Storm Alpha

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I recently received a from Blizzard heroes storm alpha, I knew that it would be another alternative to League of Legends, and I didn’t want to get my expectations high because it would mess with my head, I was only expecting it to be interesting. It is interesting. Maps are different and unexpected. All characters come from other Blizzard games with similar skills and upgrades with several positive passive attributes to adjust to personal style of the game play. For early Alpha stage of development, everything works all right. There are a few bugs, options and interfaces needs more work, there is an occasional memory leak, but a simple restart will fix that problem. I notices a few small bugs that are not worth mentioning. Because, I expect developers to resolve it in upcoming patches. Battle net launcher works well and fast, game loads quickly, matchmaker has about 170,000 alpha tester players in total and sever thousands in queue to play another match, and you do not have to wait for another match to start soon.
Video of my first match in Heroes of the Storm as Raynor.

If you would like to apply for Alpha early access, there is a short guide how I did it last year.


Thank you.

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